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Automatic carpet washing machine the new improved automatic controlled machines 


Automatic carpet washing machine the new improved automatic controlled machines

Saves up to 80 on chemicals,water,detergent and labor

With the computer controlled system every and each square meter of carpets brushed equally

While the Manuel system carpet washing machines apply a pressure of 50 kg on the carpets ,automated carpet washing machines apply 150kg of brushing pressure.

Hand washing machines, depending on how its used apply unbalanced pressure and leave a thin line on carpets after cleaning,automatic carpet cleaning machine’s brushes stay balanced and apply distributed loads on the tray,providing cleaning without leaving thin lines on carpets.

Hand washing machines rotate in the same direction, making carpet feathers become tilted.

Automatic carpet cleaning machine has the feature of rotating brushes in different directions. This feature removes the dirt that may remain in the feathers of

the carpets.

Water consumption of manual system washing machines could be less or more than needed, depending on the operator. On the automatic washing machine, dual staged

Before washing or rinsing could be done preferably. This feature could be selected on the

SC machines controlling unit.

Whether a carpet is lightly soiled or very dirty ,the speed of a manual machine and the operator stays at a constant rate. Provided with All our SuperClean machine sizes SC2M/SC3M/SC4M/SC5 controlling unit ,speed of the brushes or the machine itself can be adjusted in 40 different levels.

Operator of the Manuel washing machine’s attention can’t be same for 10 hours however, automatic carpet washing machine can provide same standard quality of cleaning without time limitation.

SuperClean Automatic Carpet Washing Machines With the use of control panel on the machine ,how much water and detergent to be used and how long brushing and drying will be made can be adjusted and put into the systems memory. Provided with this washing program, desired quality of cleaning can be used as standard and as many times as needed. The computer system enables operator to diversify washing time, consumption of water and detergent and set it into the system’memory for later use.

Machine sizes are 1.5m / 2M / 2.5M /3M /4M /5M can be specially make upon requisite by customers.


The state of the art hot and steam carpet cleaning machine versatile machines 220v 50/60hz

The state of the art single phase 220v 50/60hz steam upholstery and vacuums, very powerful and durable machines available in many colors and powers.

versatile hi quality products for home and commercial uses.

Alkone co is the master distributor in the Arabian Gulf Countries.

The machine can be cold and hot as option 1

Steam only as option 2 as you have to beer the price difference between the models.

The machine is ideal for all cleaning companies.

Professionally used by commercial companies to clean almost every upholstery such as sofas carpets curtains car interior by auto detailing centers and out-door services.

Very low consumption of electricity and quick sterilizing while cleaning by killing all bacteria and germs and removes the most dificult stains such oil base and color base stains and blood - coffee stains also removes bad odors `

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